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EH Automation Services is representative of Eliar Elektronik in Pakistan, Established in 1984 Eliar is manufacturing automatic chemical & dyestuff dispensing systems, full automatic machine controllers and production monitoring supervisory softwares for garment washing & dyeing units, fabric and yarn dyeing mills, rope dyeing (denim) mills and all textile industry where the processes are requiring chemicals and dyestuffs. Eliar is only one company in the world who produces machine controllers (electronics), manufactures automatic dispensing systems (mechatronics) and develops supervisory programmes (softwares) all – in – one.



Powder Automation Systems

Chemical Automation Systems

Mineral Automation Systems

Dyeing Machine Controllers

Continuous Dyeing Machine Controllers

Washing Machine Controllers

Laboratory Machine Controllers

Hydrostatic Level Sensors

Seam Detectors

Dyehouse Monitoring And Managment Systems